Planning a UUFLB Event?

Q: Is UUFLB sponsoring this event or are we participating in a larger effort?

If the answer is yes, then here are a list of things to consider when planning your event.  Please consider using this checklist to determine what resources you will need, and who you need to contact, to coordinate planning your event.

Coordinator: __________________ Event: ______________________ Date(s) ______________________


Things to consider … Please see … X
Notes …
What is the goal of this event? Who is the intended audience?
  UUFLB Members / Friends ?    
  other UU Congregations ?    
  the larger community ?    
What Committee / Team would coordinate this event? the Committee Chair    
When would you like to have this event? the Leaders’ Council Schedule
– done quarterly
Where will this be held?
If @ Pen Ryn, beyond our scheduled time the Pen Ryn Liaison: Sherri Crisenbery, the set-up crew, for closing arrangements, etc the DRE, to arrange for extended childcare the Hospitality team, for kitchen usage   (A month out )
If @ the Fellowship Center the Office Admin, for availability   Do you have a key?
If off-site, at a public location the Board, for contractual arrangements   Location:
Is there a congregational fee for this event?                                          
What is the cost?
What does this cover / include?
What is the payment deadline?      
Are we fundraising for this? the fundraising committee    
Have we already budgeted for this? the finance committee / committee chair    
Is there a check needed? the finance committee
- check request form
  Treasurer needs at least 10 days notice
What other payment arrangements are available?      
Is there a per person/family fee for this event?
What is the cost? What does this cover / include?    
What are the payment arrangements available?    
What is the payment deadline?    
How can we make this event
the DRE / RE Chair    
What about advertising for this event?
Monthly Newsletter Newsletter: Priscilla Applegate   Due 15th of the month prior to publication
Weekly Announcements Office Admin: Amy Rodia   Events should be advertised several weeks in advance of the event and a final reminder during the week prior to event. Supply at least a one paragraph description, a photo / image if available, and contact info. Handouts require time to design, print and disseminate, and you should involve Marketing early in your planning process to ensure enough time to complete.
Weekly e-newsletter Office Admin: Amy Rodia  
Website Media: Felice Macera  
Other Outlets (ie. Print Ads, Facebook, etc. ) the Marketing Committee  
Are we using banners / t-shirts / handouts etc.? the Marketing committee  
How can folks sign up for this event?
Sign-up sheet on bulletin board Office Admin: Amy Rodia    
Online, through the website Tech Support: John Rodia    
Emailing the Fellowship Center Office Admin: Amy Rodia    
Contacting a specific individual will vary    
Are there permissions and/or waivers to consider?                                           
If minors are attending DRE / RE Committee Chair    
If off-site, at a public location the Board, for contractual arrangements    
Are chaperones / youth advisors needed?
Do you have drivers’ info. on file? DRE / RE Committee Chair / YUUTES Advisor    

What is the required ration of C:Y?

Would this event benefit from ...      
a sermon tie-in? Worship Team / Rev. Libby Smith    
a Shared Plate tie-in? We Care Committee: Rich Kelly    
Team Leaders / Contacts:
We Care Rich Kelly
Membership Elizabeth Mitchell     membership@uuflb
RE Ann Fisher
YUUTES / Tech John Rodia
Welcoming Felice Macera
Fundraising Chris Ermer
Marketing Priscilla Applegate
Media Felice Macera
Newsletter Priscilla Applegate
Worship Jim Harven
Finance Nancy Harven    
Penn Ryn Liaison Sherri Crisenbery
HospitalityLiz Mitchell
Set-up Crew Gil Crisenbery
Tech Support John Rodia
DRE Jennifer Rehbein
Minister Rev. Libby Smith
Office Admin Arkady Thompson