Sunday Services

September through May
Our services are held at 10:30 AM at

Pen Ryn School
235 S. Olds Blvd
Fairless Hills, PA  19030

June through August
Services are held at 10:30 AM at the Fellowship Center located behind the United Artist Theater Oxford Valley at:

Penn's Square
404 Middletown Blvd., Suite 308
Langhorne, PA  19047

About Our Sunday Service
Reaching out to a new community is difficult, and we hope you find us welcoming, challenging, interesting, and perhaps even good fun. Your presence and participation would be a gift to us. As most UU churches are, we are a “Come-As-You-Are” congregation. We encourage you to wear what is comfortable: not only in clothing, but also in attitudes, questions, beliefs, traditions, and politics. In this intentionally inclusive congregation, you are welcome whatever your religious or non-religious background, race, cultural and sexual orientation. There are no special prayers, creeds or dogmas to memorize, and we do not use a Bible or scripture of any kind -- only a songbook. If this sounds good to you, then perhaps this is the congregation you’ve been looking for!

Inclement Weather Notice
Wondering if Sunday services are cancelled? Call our office (215-752-5689) after 9 a.m. on Sunday. If services are cancelled, you will hear a temporary "cancellation message" instead of our typical message.

JAN 19 - Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way
- Emily Quarles-Mowrer 

In 1947, a biologist named Rudolph Schenkel studied a group of unrelated captive wolves, and came up with a theory of wolf behavior that is now familiar to many of us.  There are the alpha wolves who call the shots, the beta wolves who are the lieutenants, and the omega wolves who are picked on by everyone.  This theory of wolf behavior has since been debunked, however it persists in popular culture.  Perhaps the way we were taught to view wolf behavior is a reflection of our own human tendencies.  From Lord of the Flies to the Hunger Games, we see examples of pack mentality breaking down societies.  Can that same pack mentality be used to lift societies up instead?

Emily Quarles-Mowrer is a child of a Unitarian Universalist minister and has been preaching sermons of her own since 2006.  A life-long UU, Emily is an active member of the UU Fellowship of Pottstown.  She currently lives in Gilbertsville, PA with her husband, two daughters, four cats and one very outnumbered dog.  

JAN 26 - We All Have a Song
- Reverend Dr. Craig Rubano

What is it about a song…the way it connects to the breath, to hope, to healing…the way it connects us to one another, to the Holy? My own path to ministerial leadership came through the power of song and, this morning, we'll explore the special, prayerful qualities that song has to join people together across differences by dipping into a collection of meditative Heart Songs and Circle Songs, one of which declares that "we all have a song"—what is your "song"?

Rev. Dr. Craig Rubano is Co-Minister of the UU Congregation of Monmouth County in Lincroft, NJ. This summer, he completed both his dissertation leading to a Ph.D. from Princeton Theological Seminary and ten years of employment in various job titles at the UU Congregation of Princeton, most recently Interim Assistant Minister having been ordained to ministry in October of last year. He lives on a mountaintop north of Princeton, where he has helped to raise two nieces and two Nigerian dwarf goats. Craig has been guest ministering at UUFLB off and on since 2011, and he’s very happy to be back among friends, old and new.