Sunday Services

September through May
Our services are held at 10:30 AM at

Pen Ryn School
235 S. Olds Blvd
Fairless Hills, PA  19030

June through August
Services are held at 10:30 AM at the Fellowship Center located behind the United Artist Theater Oxford Valley at:

Penn's Square
404 Middletown Blvd., Suite 308
Langhorne, PA  19047

About Our Sunday Service
Reaching out to a new community is difficult, and we hope you find us welcoming, challenging, interesting, and perhaps even good fun. Your presence and participation would be a gift to us. As most UU churches are, we are a “Come-As-You-Are” congregation. We encourage you to wear what is comfortable: not only in clothing, but also in attitudes, questions, beliefs, traditions, and politics. In this intentionally inclusive congregation, you are welcome whatever your religious or non-religious background, race, cultural and sexual orientation. There are no special prayers, creeds or dogmas to memorize, and we do not use a Bible or scripture of any kind -- only a songbook. If this sounds good to you, then perhaps this is the congregation you’ve been looking for!

Inclement Weather Notice
Wondering if Sunday services are cancelled? Call our office (215-752-5689) after 9 a.m. on Sunday. If services are cancelled, you will hear a temporary "cancellation message" instead of our typical message.

Our February Worship Theme:
Surrender / Letting Go

February 24
“Our Shared Adventure Awaits” 
UUFLB Board of Trustees and Leaders Council
Come draw the map of the future for UUFLB. We just need your itinerary. Join us for a new experience, a Table Talk Sunday, where we will explore imaginative options for creating new possibilities.

Join us after service for a delicious Baked Potato bar.

The UUFLB Leaders Council, comprised of team
leaders and board representatives, is coordinated
by our Administrator, Amy Rodia. They work
collaboratively to ensure the flow of our
congregational efforts and to encourage
membership participation.

Our March Worship Theme: Truth

March 3
"What Shall We Do About the Wolves in the Walls"
~ Reverend Alison Cornish
In an eerie and vividly illustrated children’s book, ‘The Wolves in the Walls’ by Neil Gaimen, Lucy thinks she hears wolves living in the walls of her house.  When she screws up her courage to tell her family, they say “Well, you know what they say, ‘When the wolves come out of the walls, it’s all over.’”   This provocative story explores truth-telling from many angles – and is a great way to launch a month of exploration of the concept of truth.  Come learn what ‘truth-telling’ means in the world of action on climate change!

Please join Alison for a conversation following the service about the work of PA IPL, and ways UUFLB might become more involved in the work of climate justice.

The Rev. Alison Cornish is an ordained Unitarian Universalist minister.  She ministered to congregations on Long Island from 2001-2013, and since moving to Philadelphia in 2013, has served her ministry in community settings. She is currently the Executive Director of Pennsylvania Interfaith Power & Light (PA IPL), a state-wide affiliate of a national organization encouraging congregations to respond to the challenge of climate change as an urgent moral issue; and as Director of Congregational and Seminary Initiatives at Interfaith Philadelphia, which seeks to build a healthy, religiously diverse democracy in the greater Philadelphia region. Alison is the affiliated community minister at First Unitarian Church of Philadelphia.  

March 10
"Truth: Keep An Open Mind!" ~ Gil Crisenbery
Our fourth UU principle affirms: “A free and responsible search for truth and meaning.”  Our very own Gil Crisenbery will be speaking about what UU's believe.  However, the whole subject of UU beliefs is a fuzzy one!

Gil was raised as a Roman Catholic and survived eight years in a Catholic school. Unable to find the answers he was looking for, he discovered the spiritual philosophies of eastern religions, and spent several years living in an ashram in Oregon.  Today he is an avid student of A Course in Miracles, and has been an active member of UUFLB since 1999.  

March 17
"The Truth is Out There" ~ Emily Quarles - Mowrer
Anyone who is a fan of the 90's show The X-Files or its recent reboot will remember the tag line, "The truth is out there."  Another popular tagline from the show is, "I want to believe."  For many of us, there is a tension between the words "belief" and "truth."  For some of us, "belief" can only be used as a placeholder until "truth" is revealed.  For others, "belief" and "truth" are grounded in completely different realms of thought.  Join us as we consider how our beliefs influence our truths.

Emily Quarles-Mowrer is a child of a Unitarian Universalist minister and has been preaching sermons of her own since 2006.  A life-long UU, Emily is an active member of the UU Fellowship of Pottstown.  She currently lives in Gilbertsville, PA with her husband, two daughters, four cats and one very outnumbered dog.    

March 24
"To Speak the Truth with Hope" ~ Reverend Libby Smith
In our tradition we emphasize the importance of seeking the truth, and at their ordinations our ministers promise to "speak the truth in love".  But in these troubled times, the truth can feel paralyzing rather than empowering.  Can we bring a theology of hope to our commitment to truth-seeking? 

The Rev. Libby Smith, M.Div., is delighted to come back to UUFLB where she had the honor of serving as minister from 2007 - 2013.   Ordained in 1992, she also served congregations in Rockport, MA and  Warrrington, PA, and spent five years as chaplain at the UU House retirement home in Philadelphia.  Now retired from congregational service, she does occasional adjunct work for the Central East Region of the UUA and enjoys the chance to do pulpit supply and rites of passage on request.      

March 31
"Fake News Lab" ~ Angela Konin, DRE
Join us as we explore the Fourth UU Principle - a free and responsible search for truth and meaning - by applying scientific methods to detect false information. 

Angela Konin has been a UU for about 5 years and is in her second church year at UUFLB as Director of Religious Exploration.   In addition to running the RE program, Angela has been instrumental in creating wonderful, multi-generational community services for us once each month since September.  She puts forth great effort to make each of these events a positive experience for old and young alike.  Angela is a wonderful addition to our UUFLB family.