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A Brighter Today - Emily Quarles-Mowrer - 11/10/13

posted Nov 11, 2013, 10:44 AM by Felice Macera   [ updated Nov 11, 2013, 10:48 AM ]

You may have heard the old saying, “An optimist sees the glass as half full, and a pessimist sees the glass as half empty.” Although our mental attitude is to some extent inborn, new research suggests that anyone can use an intentional focus on the bright side to help combat depression and anxiety. But does focusing on the positive mean ignoring the negative? And where is the line between optimism and unrealistic expectations?

Emily Quarles-Mowrer grew up in western New York as the child of a Unitarian Universalist minister. After moving to Pennsylvania, she joined the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Pottstown, where she has been a lay leader and speaker since 2006.

Felice Macera,
Nov 11, 2013, 10:44 AM