Why I Am a Member of a Unitarian Universalist Congregation

I was pleased to be asked, recently, to make a brief statement at a Sunday Service about what it means to me to be a Unitarian Universalist.  I took the opportunity to add to that why I was also pleased to be a member of our congregation, UUFLB.


To me being a member of this faith and of this congregation meets many of my needs on a variety of levels. 


  • I receive the joys and benefits of being a member of our extended family.
  • I have a sense of community. This is something that all people desire and I am better for it.
  • I have a sense of purpose in my life because of all that we do together.
  • I am given an opportunity to make a difference to the larger community and the world.
  • I spend time with and enjoy the company of others who share my vision and ideals.


Being a member of UUFLB since 1972 has given me the opportunity to make memories that will last a lifetime.  Some that stand out most vividly are:


  • That first afternoon I sat on the granite cliffs on Star Island with Tony Spisto and Frank Messenger.
  • The time we spent at the Women’s Place painting and refurbishing some of the rooms.
  • The hours I spent at the Red Cross Shelter, stacking many, many cans of donated foods on the shelves of the pantry.
  • Attending many General Assemblies, and in particular, in Charlotte, North Carolina, where Nancy and I marched at mid-night with over 1,000 other UU’s singing  the hymn “We are a gentle angry people” in opposition to that state’s  same sex relations laws.


Becoming a Unitarian Universalist and a member of this congregation has been one of the most important and fulfilling decisions of my life!!

Why UUFLB by Bill Stroup


                                                                                                       - Bill Stroup