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Ed Weiser

Ed Weiser
I came to UUFLB 1980, after having grown up in a major religion that made me the target of prejudice; but I was fortunate that my Dad and Grandpop taught me to face the world unafraid.

That lesson paid off when my spouse left me and our 3 young children.  The support and understanding that I was expecting from my religious family was not there, even though I had been married there, taught children's classes, and had my oldest daughter's bat mitzvah there.  The only response I got, was, "Mr. Weiser, please live up to your pledge".  Walking away in anger, there was nowhere for me and my children to go.

Through my companion, Gloria Bertonis' gentle prodding, I decided to accompany her to a Sunday service, and have never looked back.  I quickly became a member and was honored to be your President 7 times.  It was here that I learned the meaning of friendship and spiritual family.  All of you are gracious, supportive, and sympathetic in times if crises.  Courtesy, kindness, and understanding are always available.  These are treasures!  I cannot imagine being anywhere else.

Thank you, one and all!