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Gil Crisenbery

Gil Crisenbery
My wife Sherri and I stumbled upon Unitarian Universalism quite by accident. We were living near St. Louis and we wanted to find a Course in Miracles Study Group and it just happened to be at the local UU church. We eventually decided to check out the Sunday Service and were pleasantly surprised. Until then, the only thing I had heard about the religion was a joke on the old TV sitcom M.A.S.H. Colonel Potter had called a General and was surprised that instead of an underling answering the phone, the General answered it himself. Colonel Potter whispered to his aide, Radar, “He must be a Unitarian!” Well, I didn’t understand the joke then, but after a decade of being a UU, I do now. This is a religion that doesn’t do things like all the others do. We don’t think like people did hundreds or thousands of years ago. In other words, this is a religion that has evolved.

But what I really want to share with you is why I am a member of this congregation. I can sum it up in three words.

The first word is Friendship. In my life I have been involved with many groups of people, all over this great country of ours, but I have never found a group that had so many incredible, impressive people that I became friends with, as I have with this one. And over time, like the religion itself, the friendships evolved into something even more precious, we gained an extended family.

The second word is Inspiration. I can always count on this congregation to inspire me to be a better person. Our Sunday Services, and our amazing minister, never fail to lift me up. Our son is blessed by a fantastic Religious Education program. So many of my fellow congregants are beautiful examples of how I want to live my life!

The third and final word is Opportunity. We have a very active group of people here who are committed to making our world, our community and our congregation a better place to live in. And because we are not members of a mega-church, the opportunities are everywhere! I firmly believe that it is up to each and every one of us to embrace these chances for a better life that are all around us. It will not only make us better people; it will inspire others to be better people as well. One of the biggest reasons that I love taking advantage of service opportunities is that I am taken to a beautiful, spiritual place, a place that I cannot get to on my own!

Growing up, I rejected the religion of my parents and looked around for something that made sense to me. I never would have believed that someday I would join a church! Unitarian Universalism, and the UU Fellowship of Lower Bucks, fulfill the need I have always had to live a spiritual, fulfilling life.