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Gil Crisenbery

Gil Crisenbery
Member Reflection

My wife Sherri and I were introduced to Unitarian Universalism back in Missouri. When we moved here, we looked for a local UU church in the Yellow Pages (remember- this was way back in the 1900’s).

We found the listing for the UUFLB, so I drove by the address to check it out. Imagine my confusion when I drove by Bill Stroup & Nancy Lesh’s house instead of a church! I called the phone number and found out that services were held at Pen Ryn, so we went that Sunday. We enjoyed it so much, that we joined and have been coming ever since!

The funny thing is, our UU church in Missouri seemed to have everything you could hope for in a church. A beautiful, big, historic stone building, full time minister, large choir. They even had a hundred acres on the Missouri River where they would have camping and pig roasts. But in all the time we were members there, we never made any friends, not one!

One of the best features of this UU Fellowship, is not the quantity of people, but the quality of the people. You would be hard pressed to find a finer group of dedicated, loving people anywhere. Believe me, I have lived all over this country, and I have never been associated with a more impressive group. The large number of friends I have made here, has changed my life. Ministers have come and gone, good ones and bad ones, but the one constant, has always been the members, people who have inspired me to be a better person.

I have often described our Fellowship, as a small, fragile, spiritual ecosystem, that is populated with a surprising number of overachievers. I am so very grateful to have found this little ecosystem, and I hope that, with our support and love, it will continue to enrich our lives.