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Sherri Crisenbery

Sherri Crisenbery
Member Reflection

Gil told you last week about our joining UUFLB in 1999, but what he didn’t tell you is that when he found out that the weekly church services were held in a school gym, I didn’t want to visit.  You see I grew up in a congregational church that didn’t have a building.  As a child I didn’t understand why all of my friends went to real churches with children’s choirs and youth groups while we were part of a religion no one ever heard of that met in a converted old house.  I didn’t want that for our young son Scott.

But this was the only UU church around so we tried a few other types of religions but they were not UU and we didn’t find our home.  Gil finally convinced me to give UUFLB in the gym a try.  Well, I loved that first visit and we fully committed and joined one month later.  Scott was just 5 years old and there is no question in my mind that UUFLB helped shape him into the well-rounded, tolerant young man that he is today at age 21 having been taught about diversity and the many world religions here in his religious ed classes.

But is that why we joined?  For Scott and his religious education?  Partly!  So all 3 of us could have like-minded friends?  Partly!  Because we believed in the inherent worth and dignity of all people and embraced all of the 7 principals?  Yes!  But really more importantly, we joined for the spiritual growth we were craving and, yes, we get that here in this gym.  Even if I don’t slow down for the entire week, moving as I do at 600 miles per hour, I have this one hour to stop and to remember and to contemplate and to meditate on what is really important to me in my life – on feeding my inner soul.

Being a member here in this holy gym moves me to be a better, more contributing person.  It is not just what can UUFLB do for me or for you, but what can I do, what can we do together to promote, to nurture and to grow UUFLB.  As over-achievers do, like many of you, I have served this fellowship in many ways over the years.  I spent two years on our Finance Committee getting my feet wet.  Then I was asked to serve as Deputy President under Jim Hild, becoming President in 2004.  Thereafter I served on the RE Committee for the next 5 or 6 years….all the while, helping at Aid for Friends, walking through our local community with the kids dropping off bags and collecting groceries for The Bristol Food Bank or making food for the next RE fundraiser or potluck.  There is never a shortage of things to do to serve UUFLB.  But I did all of those things willingly and with all of the energy and commitment I put forth on any worthy project because all of these things make a positive difference in my life.

As Gil said last week, ministers may come and go through the years and we learn different things from each one, but it is our group energy and commitment which keeps this place going. Through it all, something I always try to impart along the way, and what I want to leave you with today is my personal belief in a prosperity consciousness.  There is always enough!  There is always enough time, energy, money for me, for you, for UUFLB.  The more I GIVE of myself, the more I HAVE, for both are infinite.  The more we work together and give of ourselves, the more inner peace and happiness we each have.