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Tony Spisto

Why am I a UU? I have dozens of reasons, many of whom are sitting right in front of me. This congregation...this community...is my home. You and ten's of thousands of others have created a life, a way of life, a way of living and interacting with our children, our spouse, our neighbors and the world which is decent, honest, good.

Being a Unitarian-Universalist makes me, I won't say proud, but certainly quietly contented in the values I hold and in those values associated with our tradition. I've never yet been embarrassed or ashamed of any position or action identified with Unitarian-Universalistism.

It's a place to raise a child. A place for spiritual growth. For friendship, fun and for giving back some of the bounty given us.

The Rev. Jack Mendelson said it much better. And if I can borrow some of his words:

    We have inherited quite a religion.

    It is lived It is not just a set of bromides. It is a serious effort to conduct life according to principles and ideals.

    It is emotional, heart-swelling.

    In spite of uncertainly, it does not rule out leaps of faith.

    It is free, not bound by tradition, inheritance, geography, nor the passing parade.

    It is first hand, a personal experience.

    It is responsible. It does not try to escape the consequences of decision

    It is growing. It never thinks of itself as perfected and final.

    It is tough on its possessors, committing them to sacrifice, but it is tender towards those who disagree.

    It is radiant, blessing its possessor with courage, serenity and zest.

    This is our history and our future.

-Tony Spisto