Split plate

     The split plate recipient for the month of October is the International Refugee Assistance Project.  Due to the dire plight of the Afghan refugees, IRAP aims to stand up for these people with focus on getting the families back together.

     While in Afghanistan, the United States relied on the life-saving assistance of thousands of Afghans who put themselves in danger to help US troops, diplomats & contractors.  They provided essential linguistic, cultural, and geographic knowledge at their own peril and now they need our help.  IRAP supplies systemic advocacy, zealous casework and strategic litigation.


                     PLEASE BE GENEROUS!

Building fund

" There is no place like home "

     For more than 50 years UUFLB has had no home to call their own. Now, more than ever, we can see how important it is to have our own building.

     Thanks to those who have committed to giving on a regular basis and the gifts in honor or remembrance of a loved one, the  Building Fund has been steadily moving forward. 

     When the opportunity to rent or buy arises, we must be ready. Now is the time to join the Building Fund Team.