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All UUFLB Services will be held through zoom until further notice. Services are held on Sundays, announcements beginning at 10:20am and service beginning at 10:30am.



Sunday, February 28th - "Mercy Has A Human Heart" - Reverend Libby Smith
Those words, "Mercy Has A Human Heart", from the poetry of William Blake, remind us of our ability to be merciful from our awareness of our shared humanity and our ability to feel compassion for others.  We can nurture it by reflecting on the moments in our own lives when we have received that kind of mercy and compassion, and then recommit ourselves to passing it on.



Sunday, March 7th - "Standing In Awe" - Mark Bernstein
To be in awe of someone or something is to have an overwhelming amount of respect or admiration, tinged with surprise, wonder and even fear.  What do you stand in awe of?  How has our Unitarian Universalist faith helped us to recognize and appreciate such moments of awe?


Sunday, March 14th - "Respect Among the Animals" - Reverend Dr Craig Rubano
When it comes to animals, respect is a two-way street: if we strive for an increased respectful stance toward our fellow non-human animal creatures in this world, they, in turn, often have much to teach us that is applicable to our interactions with our fellow beings. This morning, we will explore the kinship we have with non-human animals.


This month the WeCare committee has designated that funds should go toward climate change efforts.  It was determined the best place to send donations is the Coalition for Rainforest Nations, an intergovernmental organization of over 50 rainforest nations around the world, from Ecuador to Bangladesh to Fiji. Their mission is simply to protect the rainforest. This Coalition were participants in the formation of the section on forestry in the Paris agreement.
According to Founders Pledge’s cost-effectiveness model from 2018, a donation of just 12 cents to the Coalition for Rainforest Nations will avert approximately one metric ton of CO2 (or the equivalent in other greenhouse gases). This means that if you donate $100, you can avert around 857 metric tons of CO2. 
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Each month the UUFLB has a theme that our services and sermons follow. This years 2020-2021 themes are;

Golden Leaves


Worth & Dignity

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This Service is a recorded zoom session including our month's theme of worth and dignity. This week we had special guest Emily Quarles-Mowrer speaking on her experience of racism in America, and what we can learn moving forward spiritually. 


This Zoom recorded service features guest speaker Craig Rubano talking about finding a balance of living in a world where the sense of what we have, what we've accomplished, and who we are can be conditioned by cultural ideals of perfection.