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October 17


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                               Mark Bernstein

                                       "Going Platinum" 

     Showing reverence for another human being is deeply embedded in our Unitarian Universalist principles.  But what does it mean to show reverence and why is it important particularly during these stressful, inequitable, and polarizing times?


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     The split plate recipient for the month of October is the International Refugee Assistance Project.  Due to the dire plight of the Afghan refugees, IRAP aims to stand up for these people with focus on getting the families back together.


     While in Afghanistan, the United States relied on the life-saving assistance of thousands of Afghans who put themselves in danger to help US troops, diplomats & contractors.  They provided essential linguistic, cultural, and geographic knowledge at their own peril and now they need our help.  IRAP supplies systemic advocacy, zealous casework, and strategic litigation.


Each month we have a different theme that our services and sermons follow which gives our Sunday services a guiding foundation.  This year's overarching theme is "Repairing the World".  Whether racism, poverty, climate change or injustice, the world needs our help and compassion. 

For the month of October our topic is "Reverence".


       The world shaking and world changing revelation for Albert Schweitzer was “reverence of life” as a first principle in 1915 while on a barge on the Ogowe River as the barge made its way through a herd of hippopotamuses.  Not just reverence for humanity, as important as that is, but reverence for all life on the planet.  It is out of such reverence that the desire to repair the world is born.

The monthly themes for our 2021-22 church year are as follows:

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This Service is a recorded zoom session including our month's theme of worth and dignity. This week we had special guest Emily Quarles-Mowrer speaking on her experience of racism in America, and what we can learn moving forward spiritually. 


This Zoom recorded service features guest speaker Craig Rubano talking about finding a balance of living in a world where the sense of what we have, what we've accomplished, and who we are can be conditioned by cultural ideals of perfection.