October 2, 2022

For inspiring, insightful services, join us in person at

The Pen Ryn School

235 S. Olds Blvd., Fairless Hills, PA 19030

or, if you aren't in town, you may join us through Zoom.

 10:20 am for announcements

10:30 am for service

Be sure to stay for our Coffee Hour immediately following service


Robin Reichert
Return to Innocence


Life as a modern human can become stressful with little room for relaxation, play, creativity, and being amazed by everyday things. With a little help from "Mr. Rogers" and nature there are ways to rejuvenate and call back joy to experience the wonder and awe we once knew as children.

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We think it is important to give back to the community.  

Each month our "WeCare" team chooses a worthy cause to receive half of our offerings - we split the plate!

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To help those affected by difficult times including the relocation of Ukraine refugees the HELP Center was established in Bristol and serves people county-wide. It looks and feels like a retail store, full of brand new essential items like furniture, toiletries, food, and more, but everything is free. 


Your monetary donation will be used to purchase gift cards to enable folks to buy gas to go about their daily lives. Also, if you have new items you would like to donate, contact Bernie at

To donate to help those in need, click here



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about our Touchstone theme which gives our Sunday services a guiding foundation.


This year's overarching theme is


The challenges of the last five years have left many of us numb, depleted, and dispirited, but, regeneration can give birth to hope, nurture the spirit, renew compassion, cultivate wisdom, and return us to life stronger and more committed to the pursuit of justice.

October's theme is


For the month of October our theme is “Awe”. Psychology professor, Dacher Keltner says, “How do you find awe? You allow unstructured time. How do you find awe? You wander. You drift through. You take a walk with no aim. “How do you find awe? You slow things down. You allow for mystery and open questions rather than test-driven answers. You allow children to engage in the humanities of dance and visual art and music.” 

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