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All UUFLB Services will be held through zoom until further notice. Services are held on Sundays, announcements beginning at 10:20am and service beginning at 10:30am.



Sunday, May 9th - "The Story Goes On:  A Mother's Day Service" - Reverend Dr Craig Rubano
Who mothered you in the story of how you arrived at the UU Fellowship of Lower Bucks?  Whose stories are you “mothering” along?  Passed from one generation to another, from one person to another, our stories go on, tales of perseverance and acceptance.



Sunday, May 16th - "Everywhere Is Walking Distance" - Emily Quarles-Mowrer

One of my favorite posters from the late 1990’s features a lone penguin standing on an ice-flow with its adorable little wings spread wide.  The caption on this poster reads, “Until you spread your wings, you will never know how far you can walk.”  Some people pity the little penguin, but I see a message of acceptance.  The penguin isn’t railing against nature for giving him wings better suited to water than air, but calmly moving forward, eyes toward a distant goal.  Just like the penguin, all of us have limitations.  Can we, like the penguin, accept the limitations of today and keep walking toward a better tomorrow? 

Sunday, May 23rd - "Tools for Acceptance and Welcoming " - Angela Konin, DRE and RE Youth

Being a welcoming congregation does not require us as individuals to be experts at every identity and experience;  it does, however, require trust, empathy, and the willingness to create new spaces so that ALL identities are truly accepted, welcomed, understood, and affirmed.  We will explore how empathy plays an important role, we will learn how to use our interest in identity experiences in ways that include, and we will explore the ways in which accessibility is good for everyone.


Split Plate this month goes to help the Rainbow Room.
This is a support program for LGBTQA+ teens that is operated by Planned
Parenthood in the Doylestown area. Rich Kelly has visited their space in the past
and found the area to be comfy, loving and safe. They now have a place on
Facebook at . Check them out or better yet, like them. Even during these special covid times The Rainbow Room is
maintaining a strong presence, according to Marlene Pray, their founder, says they are meeting “every Wednesday even through COVID, and now expanded with twice a week study halls, events and lots of collaboration with other groups and organizations.


Each month the UUFLB has a theme that our services and sermons follow. This years 2020-2021 themes are;

Golden Leaves


Deepening Connections

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This Service is a recorded zoom session including our month's theme of worth and dignity. This week we had special guest Emily Quarles-Mowrer speaking on her experience of racism in America, and what we can learn moving forward spiritually. 


This Zoom recorded service features guest speaker Craig Rubano talking about finding a balance of living in a world where the sense of what we have, what we've accomplished, and who we are can be conditioned by cultural ideals of perfection.